Win tables and accessories for Model 3 and Y Tesla cars - Recurring contest

I have started an ongoing contest that gives away tables and accessories to a random user that “quote retweets” anyone of my tweets, once every 2 weeks. On the 1st and the 15th of each month, I will pick a random quote retweet created in past 2 weeks and reply directly on that tweet to tell the user that they have won, I will also send them a DM, so make sure that you are following me.

Follow @YvesB and quote retweets any of my tweet in order to enter the contest.

Once you acknowledge (publicly) that you have won by replying to me on that tweet, I will share with you a 100% discount code for a specific product of our catalog. You will be able to make an order, where you will only have to cover the price of shipping.

Using the same tweet, I would appreciate for winners to take a photo and share with everyone.

I will keep updating this page with every win for maximum transparency.