A new way to enjoy your Tesla

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Table with nothing in it

Foldable table for your Tesla Model 3 and Y

What it does

Helps with the new "eating-out"

New way to safely enjoy a small break brought to you by the Year 2020.

table with a computer, a drink and a phone in it.

Gives you an office on the go

The table will give you the extra room for your laptop, mouse and drink

Closed table, up side down, inside the frunk of the car

Store in the frunk or trunk

Fold the table and store it in the frunk or trunk.

Enhance your camping experience

You can now access a larger a more convenient space for the stuff you need through the night.

Closed table, up side down, inside the frunk of the car

Extra accessories available

Cable, Phone and cup holders coming soon. Conveniently uses the magnets to hold in place.

Works for the back seats too

Use your table at the back, either by itself or with an other table facing the front seats.


Magnetic drink holder

Magnetic drink holder snaps into place, helps keep your drinks from falling.

Magnetic cable holder

Magnetic cable holders snaps into place on 4 different places on the table to fit your needs.